Why I oughta..

Words cannot express my contempt and disdain for Sarah Palin, the Scourge of the Wilderness. I’ve never hated a politician as much as I hate her.  One youtube video on These Thoughts Escape Me, well I simply couldn’t bear to watch past 2:30 minutes, it just sucked that much.

The best thing for Sarah Palin is to stick her sorry ass out in the snow running away from a low flying plane and see how it feels to be shot in the ass and left wounded to die slowly and alone in the winter.  FUCKING DEMON FROM HELL. No wonder she’s such a fundie, she has much to fear from the afterlife hell she believes in. Hmmm other words come to mind. skanky, bitch, c*cks*ck*r, rotten egg hoedog… But I don’t want to insult those whose “crimes” are of the consentual and pleasurable kind. Just saying…

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