God damn it.  God damn landlord.  He had a guy over estimating work on the property and part of it included work on the tree that all my rituals are under.  The one that hangs close to the ground.  I went out and showed them that they could not cut certain branches and we agreed up which ONE could be cut and no others.  And that jerk just cut off four branches.  I’m in tears. I’m so fucking angry.    He says he didn’t do anything that changes things. AS IF I AM NOT INTIMATELY CONNECTED and don’t know my own goddamned ritual tree.  I hate being treated like I’m stupid.  It will grow back he tells me. As if I don’t know how trees grow. There will never be lower branches on that tree again.  And now the squirrels don’t have the connecting branches.  It gives me no end of pleasure to listen to them stampede across the roof and then pause thud leap and the tree shakes. I know that tree like the back of my hand and it will never be the same living here.

No more privacy on my patio.  I’m broken hearted.


Chicken Man you need to hurry it up and we need to get a house that WE make the decisions on.

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