Rape of the other beings

I think one of the reasons the tree hit me so hard today is, besides the fact that She is MY FRIEND, is the fact that we’re raping this planet and I feel powerless. Driving by the greenbelt that protects my neighborhood from the freeway noise and ugliness yesterday, a huge square of full grown evergreens was down in a broken heap on the ground. I see more development housing going up. Who would want to live there? Sarah Palin’s horrifying shit.

The one good thing about Palin being the running mate is that finally, FINALLY the entire world is seeing how terribly wrong things are in Alaska. That is a good thing because you can’t stop what you don’t know about and now we fucking know about it. Yay us.

Trees, animals, god, will we every figure it out before it’s too late.


Oh yeah, wait I’m supposed to try and manifest change. Well anger brings about change, it, hopefully, galvanizes us to action. Are you up off your couch yet?

1 thought on “Rape of the other beings

  1. Oh, I TOTALLY hear you on this. People messing around with trees drives me insane, especially because so often it’s completely unnecessary.

    I have a number of trees around my home and in the city (D.C.) that I have developed relationships with – touching them, hugging them, blowing them kisses, saying “good morning,” etc.

    Yeah, let’s all make sure to keep the various magicks of world transformation brewing, for sure!

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