Where did Mabon go?

This weekend turned out to be very busy for me and I ended up not going to either of the events I planned on going to.  Rat City Roller Girls, they are from our local neighborhood White Center which any long time local knows we call Rat City (just not into that kind of energy on Saturday, it was raining and wanted to cocoon so gave my ticket to a friend) and Mabon Ritual (again with the energy).  Instead, I stayed home and worked on my brother’s website (happy birthday bro! Better late than never.) and finished up the pouches for the Concentric Circles event this coming Saturday.

What else did I do?  I made pumpkin bread, a recipe that worked out this time thanks to Greg at The Flaming Rose and Silver Ravenwolf.  It is Yuuuuummmmmmy.  I took half the loaf to my next door neighbor and she exclaimed out loud that she’d been wondering what I was cooking.  😉

In the background you can see my napkins.  These napkins?  Cost me next to nothing, come in a huge variety of colors and prints, and are the craft of the week for all you crafty geeks.

Go to Joann’s and get yourself some fat quarters. They are the perfect size for napkins. When they go on sale for 99 cents I usually stock on a few.  The napkins in the photo are my autumn napkins, more of which you can see below.

And then I hem them.  Sometimes I use a sewing machine and sometimes I stitch them my hand.  The red and gold plaid is a thicker fabric than the regular cotton, more of a homespun, and those I tend to hand stitch, it keeps the homespun feeling.

As I was taking pictures of the new pouches this morning, I looked out the window.  There was squirrel foraging for food and I noticed that his tail is extra extra bushy.  Miss Mitty hasn’t had a hairball in two weeks now and her fur feels very thick right now.  I have this feeling we are in for an early winter, a winter that will be bringing us more cold and snow than we had last year.  Mind you, before you folks in the Midwest and the East freak out, the Pacific Northwest had an extremely mild winter last year.  We did get snow in the mountains but the lowlands at sea level just got rain, lots of it.  This year I suspect will be different for us.  I can see that squirrel snug in his bed with that thick tail covering his nose.  And I found myself thinking that here it is, the day after Mabon and I’m thinking Samhain in a huge way.

Bloggers everywhere are noticing the thinning of the veil and today, it thinned in my neck of the woods. Ooooh. My favorite season.

And don’t any of you go giving Miss Silver any grief.  Her work might not be deep but in my opinion it is excellent and those who give her trouble ought to actually go read her works.  The things she’s been accused of saying?  She didn’t say or it was taken out of context. ESPECIALLY the book Teen Witch.  Much maligned she is and I will defend her when the opportunity arises.

So, I sit here working on images for the blog, pricing pouches and getting ready for Saturday, listening to Blackmore’s Night (who I love, Ritchie you rock and Candice, who knew you were so very deep AND beautiful?  Obviously Ritchie did, but you won me over), drinking apple cinnamon tea from my favorite autumn mug and dreaming of the coziness that is this season.  And, now that the pouches are done and all the stuff I promised other folks is done and I am waiting for new work, I am letting my mind wander and bubble with whatever project I absolutely must do next.  I think it will be a black witch dress for myself.  Tight bodice, tight sleeves with cuffs, and a full skirt.  Yes, that might be it indeed.

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