Don’t Give Up Five Minutes Before the Miracle

That is a saying that is used a lot in my recovery program and I’m sure in other places as well.  But it came to me in early sobriety and I used it all the time to get through the day without drinking or, in my case, without simply totally freaking out.  Kept things to a dull roar and my Mercury in Leo, that’s no small feat. Rooowrrrrrrrr.

So I’ve been trying to use that mantra again. It’s been a long time since I had to use it.  Not to get through the day without drinking, not an option and it didn’t occurr to me, but certainly to keep from freaking out.  The key to manifesting what you want in this life is to keep your intent focussed there and to remain in gratitude.  And because of that lost contract I’ve been worried about money and have lived off the savings. And it’s gone.  And I was this close this morning to having to ask someone for a loan. Which I so very much did NOT want to do.  I wanted to trust that this would all work out.  That the new proposal would be accepted, that more work would come in, that the right part time gig would show itself.

And this morning the tables turned.  Thank God.  Because I’ve been tossing and turning since 5:30am trying to figure out how to ask.  And after my email was open 15 minutes I received two emails accepting my proposal for a new project.  It’s a big proposal, double what I usually do.  50% due up on signing which should happen this week.  Oh, Thank you Great Goddess, Source of All.  I can breath now…

And pay the phone bill.  Man.

Meeting two more potential clients this morning, feast or famine.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Five Minutes Before the Miracle

  1. Oh well done! That’s just fantastic news and if work is anything like mine, or London busses, there’s either nothing or three things come along all at once. I hope that very soon you’re grumbling madly that theres just too much work and not enough leisure – good for you! xx

  2. That’s fantastic! It’s so hard for me to know when to hold out and when to toss in the towel. Congrats on the gigs (especially with this crazy economy!).

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