I forgot that just because I got sober doesn’t mean everyone else did too

I went to the medicine cabinet about an hour ago.  I was just home from my acupuncturist.  I’ve had the worst headaches of late, worse than usual, more frequent than usual.  I planned on getting my treatment, then coming home, having some tea and a pain pill. The Maltax wasn’t working and because it is a muscle spasm that is causing the pain I thought that was a good idea. And the bottle was empty.  Now, I’m a good recovering addict. I count my pills. I make sure to drag that one prescription out as long as possible.  I typically get it refilled every 10-12 months.  There were 12 pills in that bottle the last time I took one.  And the bottle was empty. Not gone. Empty. I would never keep an empty pill bottle in the medicine cabinet.

And I know who took it.  The only person who has been in my home besides my parents and my best buddy?  The man who cut the tree.  He’d been here all day.  I let him in to use the bathroom.  I thought it was taking him a very long time.  When he was gone, I went in to smudge the room and noticed weird red brown spots on the floor by the toilet.  And when I got in to take a shower the next day the same red brown spots on the floor of the tub. GROSS.  I cleaned it up.  But it never occurred to me that he took the drugs.

But took them he did.  I’ve reported him to the landlord for what it’s worth.  But that won’t replace them, they are long gone.  Worth a hell of a lot of money I discovered after a quick google.  I’ve contacted my doctor to request a refill but I have no insurance at this time. Because it is Percocet she might have to log a refill as an office visit.  It could cost me over $200 to replace them.  OMG.

And my headache? Is back.  *sigh* 

Tea it is. And some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  And a book. And hopefully a good night’s sleep because I haven’t had one in a week.

7 thoughts on “I forgot that just because I got sober doesn’t mean everyone else did too

  1. You should call the police. It’s theft. At the very least the cops will visit the crook and scare him enough that he won’t try that with someone else.

    You know this guy must have realized he’d get caught doing this. He must have a habit that makes him desperate. Either that, or he knows someone who does.

    Good luck.

  2. I wonder why your acupuncture treatment didn’t work? THE Wife went for one once in the midst of a killer migraine and POP it was gone! She would rely more on this person if our insurance covered it.

    As it now stands she is very hopeful that this last nerve conduction test identified the exact location of her problem and we can get it dealt with………but, as with anything modern and medicine, I simply hope for the best.

    I hope you find relief soon.

  3. Anne! Glad to see you.
    Call the police over $50 in pills. Naw. But I reported him to the landlord who will report him to his employer. See, I let him in my house. It was me that invited him in to use the facilities because I’m a nice person and I wanted to make up for being angry earlier in the day. I can’t prove to anyone that he took them, least of all the cops. But my landlord totally believed me and I’ll let the wheels do their work. That guy can’t afford to lose his job in this economy.

    The acupuncture worked but what I need is a total relaxaction of the muscles. My body is wound tight as a drum. Feeling pretty good this morning, she has me sleeping with one of those neck pillows that wrap around.

    Acupuncture is great but sometimes, if the problem is severe and has been going on for some time, it takes a couple treatments. I suffer from fibromyalgia and a few other things and it’s that one treatment of anything works a miracle that fast. Improvement yes, perfection, no. 😉

  4. I’m with Anne about calling the police; even if nothing can really come of it it’s at least some kind of record of it. And the fact that you let him in the house doesn’t mean anything; except maybe that the charges would be theft, not breaking and entering.

    And I know you’re not saying it but in case you’re thinking it: it’s absolutely not your fault he took them. Trusting someone is something to be celebrated, not ashamed of.

    Anyway, I also hope you feel better soon.

  5. Thalia! What an honor to see you. I’m gonna go all fan girl on you and swoon and tell you that I adore your work. Just adore it. I keep hoping that some day I’ll be able to buy a set of your work either in book form or card form.

    As to this situation:
    Over the years I’ve called the cops for lots of reasons but I just can’t tax their time over $50 worth of pills. They have better and more important things to do. In my opinion.

    And while it’s true and I know it, even my doctor, when refilling my prescription said “It is our policy never to give refills on opiate medication that was stolen. It’s all too common a cry to get more meds than needed due to patient addiction. But, since your prescription was filled back in February, I will trust you and refill it this time.”

    I don’t feel responsible but there is a part of me that sees it as karma. I know that in my using days I stole someone’s medications. they probably needed them too. I can’t actually think of who that might have been but it is exactly something I would have done. I found it very thought provoking.

  6. Hmm, I guess it must have been thought provoking. I’m sure the man will get what he deserves without a call to the police and I can see how you wouldn’t want to take too much of their time over the incident.

    What’s more upsetting and invasive is someone making such a mess in your bathroom – I don’t know, you try to be nice and civil and people just do horrible things. I guess that’s just the fastidious side of me coming out, but I hate rudeness like that.

    Oh well, best to send a blessing to that man, as none of us knows what has got him to that sort of state and maybe he needs something good and kind sent his way, rather than anger and revenge.

  7. I really has been thought provoking. I see his smiling face, working really hard, he was so nice to my face. We even hugged when he left to show no hard feelings about the tree. It was hard to realize that while I was giving him a parting hug he was knowing he’d just stolen from me.

    He will have to live with it, and if one day he gets sober, perhaps he’ll remember and it will help.

    All I know is I’d just as soon be done with it.

    It was so weird. When the pharmacy refilled my prescription they charged me three times what they billed me for overdrawing my account. I got the meds in the mail and realized what they had done and finally go the overdraft fees reversed. That little escapade of his cost me in several ways.

    I’m just glad it’s over now.

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