Witch Dress

I’ve been mulling over what kind of black robe/dress/tunic I want to make to wear to public ritual where black is the appropriate color. Samhain comes to mind.  Also, since it won’t be consecrated or blessed I want to wear it as my witch dress when I put on my coned hat and go out in public at Halloween.  What to do, what to do…

I finally settled on Simplicty #3723.

I find it ironic that the pattern is for a puritan woman who would surely have hung me. *cackle*  But I love the basic dress.  Remove the hat, apron, and neck collar.  Make the cuffs red on the inside and black on the outside so they can be up or down.And not so big, closer to the hand/wrist.  I will be making this as a dress made to last not a costume so the bodice and sleeves will be lined.  But the main change is this.  It will NOT zip up the back but will lace up the front. I am keeping the high round neckline but the lacing will stop at my cleavage and the two flaps of extra fabric will form a kind of collar of their own, also red on the inside, will be embroidered and lay back flat against the decoulettage.   Gonna be fine.  No shapeless sack for me. I’ve been putting it off as I finalize the design changes and decide finally on the fabric.  I thought about velvet and maybe one day I will make this out of velvet.  But I decided on black linen with red linen lining.  Who knows what I’ll be getting on it, candle wax, blessing oil, ashes, needs to be easily cleaned. Gotta cut it out and fit it today and get moving on this project as the lacing eyelets will be hand sewn and the embroidery will take time.

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