Cancer for the Week

One of the most famous pop culture icons in Indonesia died last July. Mak Erot, who was over a hundred years old, was renowned for her skill in helping men develop more sizable reproductive organs. The official story was that she used nothing more than prayers and herbs, but there are hints that she also had supernatural powers. She’s your patron saint this week, Cancerian, even if you’re a woman. I am calling on her inspiration, and I hope you will too, to help you lengthen and strengthen your inner, metaphorical phallus, by which I mean your will to accomplish your dreams.

Not much to say except that “It’s a keeper!”

And that I have updated my mantra for work to:

$50 per hour
20 hours per week
Flexible location and hours
Lovely people

Just applied for what looks like the perfect job.  It appeared, just like that, on a Saturday.  Right down the road.  Exactly what the mantra says, every point was in the ad.

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