Mmmm Comforting Autumn

Just had to make a casserole today.  The Kitchen Sink Casserole.  Or, more accurately, the What Do I Need to Use From the Fridge While It’s Still Good and Freeze Up for Later Casserole.

Bow tie pasta, two cans of mushroom soup (still the perennial favorite for white sauce casseroles, just don’t add any salt), chicken from the big beauty I roasted a few days ago, broccolini (quick fried in olive oil), a entire last of the season because there was a frost at the P-Patch zucchini grated, cheddar and jack cheeses, the last of the milk and oodles of garlic.

The M word? The one that gets the critters bounding into the kitchen?  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And when putting in the lovely rusty peachy mums into the front flower bed, I found this little friend.  Had to bring her in to take a photo.  She went back into the garden after these shots.  What a cutie…

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