What about Joe Biden?

I don’t know about you but one of the shining moments of the VP debate a couple of weeks ago was Joe Biden’s heartfelt moment when recalling the tragedy that hit his family when he wasn’t yet 30. Not only was I impressed with how he stayed on topic, how he actually answered questions, and how, at the end, he finally confronted The Palin on this whole bullshit “maverick” business, but I was incredibly amazed and honored by the only show of real heartfelt tender human emotion in what has turned into a crapfest of lies. I was proud of him and for him. He really did an incredible job. But most folks (crap, now a word I use all the time because my Dad used it too has become something I have to think twice about using, damn that, that slag) weren’t there to see Biden. We were there to watch The Palin fall on her ass. Which she didn’t literally do but to those of us who consider ourselves Thinking Americans her performance was dismal. I couldn’t have been happier.

But Joe Biden stuck with me and I discovered today that I am not alone.

After his tears, and after the debate, I went into my voluminous files to see if my recollection of Biden’s dark days of 1972 matched the honorable and loving family man I had just witnessed on the stage in St. Louis. If my memory had any weakness, it was in not recalling the full promise and shattered life of the freshman senator from Delaware who, in the winter of his own despair, took the time to write a 15-year-old, while taking on his new duties in Washington D.C. and at home in Wilmington as a single father of two. So while McCain and Palin do their best to undermine the Democrats trustworthiness and character, let us praise the family man from Delaware who could and should be our next vice president.

Read the entire article and see photos.

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