Witches Begone! Mark Morford’s awesome article

You really must visit and the read the entire wonderful thing.

Makes me a little sad, then, that trophy VP nominee Sarah “I (Heart) Gibberish” Palin apparently had herself anointed by a true-blue witch-hunter nutball of a pastor, a Kenyan priest name of Thomas Muthee, up at her Wasilla church a few years back, just before becoming governor. Isn’t that sweet?

And this one:

At last, a president who really does care about black people. And minorities. And women. Children. People who make less than two million a year. Animals. Ecosystems. Imagine.

Apathy is the new polyester. Ennui is the new smoking. Willful belly button-pickin’ ignorance of world events, environmental issues, energy policy is no longer considered cute and obvious and painfully American. Can you imagine?

2 thoughts on “Witches Begone! Mark Morford’s awesome article

  1. I went as far as to go on line to look for a “Witches Against Palin” button, but no luck. Lot’s of really nasty stuff, but not one of those. Great article – thanks for posting.

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