Cancer for the Week

Sometimes it makes sense for you to be conservative and cautious and skeptical of novelty. A periodic immersion in the slow-motion approach helps you maintain a strong center of gravity and allows you to be true to yourself in the face of the pressure you get to be like everyone else. The past few weeks have been such a time for you, Cancerian. Soon, though, you’ll begin to feel urges to take some risks, instigate fresh trends, and express yourself with more daring and expansiveness. Are you game?

I think that’s a dare… Oh dear. ust got bitch slapped by the tail of end of Mercury Retrograde. *sigh* Not feeling very adventurous at the moment but I’m sure I’ll feel better by nightfall.


I am howerver looking forward to Saturday. Not the 4 hour photo shoot for an ungrateful client but the Witches Masquerade Ball. Oh yes! The dress is finished. I tried to take pictures but they were all crap so maybe I’ll get some good ones this weekend.

And remember? Micheal will be there. Had some very interesting discussions with my pendulum last night. I don’t believe it, I think it’s lying. But oh goodness, what if it wasn’t??? I can hardly wait to see what happens. If nothing else, there are going to friends there I know and friends I haven’t met and it should a lot of fun.

Oh! I didn’t tell you what my costume theme/character is. Since the dress is a pseudo historic gown I’m going to put a fetish necklace around my neck, some charms off my belt, make myself pale and drawn, and put a loose noose around my neck and rope bracelets. Since my hair is short and white I plan on attempting to make it look as thought it was hacked off as a punishment… I’m going as one of the dead Salem witches. I haven’t decided if I want to be Rebecca Nurse or Goody Good. Perhaps Bridget Bishop. She was the first to die and since Bridget is a name I go by sometimes, yes, maybe that is it. Gotta go find instructions on how to tie a noose. Kind of freaky in it’s own way…

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