I’m starting to get pretty depressed.  Didn’t get one of the job’s because I was over qualified.  I’m starting to look at job opps for my previous incarnation.   Never in my life have I had trouble finding work (with the exception of that horrible period working for The Worst Boss in the World).  It’s always been an easy thing.  And I’m getting worried.  I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and I know I interview very well, but how am I going to support myself.  I wish I’d never done the freelancing thing.  While it has it’s moments of bliss it just isn’t worth the constant stress of not knowing if I can even buy gas.  It just isn’t.

Feeling very sorry for myself today.

This too shall pass.

5 thoughts on “Darn

  1. The job situation is dire right now, but with a bit of persistence and luck (you’re wearing green aren’t you?), you will find something that will suit. You made a move of huge courage and I think you called it a leap of faith. This bad market will clear up and since these things go in cycles, we will get another boom. It’s a good time to get everything ready and start making those contacts. Too bad everybody is spooked out of their wits, but some are using this as a great opportunity. You may need to meditate and go out of yourself to see a different perspective.

    I’d also like to remind that even having a job and working for someone else is no guarantee of security either. Those opportunities can vanish at the handing over of a paycheck on the whim of often as not morons who are vested in their greed. At least you are your own boss and call the shots, even if it means that things are tight.

    My suggestion – if you have time and inclination – volunteer somewhere that really sees to helping people in need, like the food bank, homeless or battered women shelters. It will help with that perspective of feeling sorry when you are making good things happen rather than waiting for the good to arrive. This is how the Goddess will manifest.

  2. Well if it helps at all (it probably doesn’t) the economy is quite bad right now. By which I mean, it isn’t you, personally, and it is not a judgement on your worth or your work.

    Also, moving is huge, in terms of stress; it’s changing your surroundings to something unfamiliar which is messing with things on a basic, grounding level. Root chakra stuff, as they’d say.

    I think a lot of what this time of year is about is faith. Faith that it will stop getting darker and darker and will turn that corner.

  3. Oh, hon! I’m so sorry. I know how important this was and how huge of a struggle you had with making the decision to make this change. I still think that no matter what you are a very strong and brave woman and this too you will get through, even if it means a few scrapes and bruises on the way.


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