“You may want to smash a painful emotion to bits, but you can’t blow it up with a nuclear bomb,” wrote Tsoknyi Rinpoche in his book Fearless Simplicity. What makes the situation even more poignant is that the painful emotion may be based on a wrong interpretation of experience. It may also be caused by some faulty conditioning that got imprinted on your sensitive psyche when you were a toddler. Having said that, Cancerian, I’m pleased to inform you that you currently have the power to significantly dissipate the intensity of a certain painful emotion you thought you’d never shake. To initiate the process, invoke forgiveness in every way you can imagine — toward those who hurt you, those who ignored you, those who misled you, and you yourself.

Probably a good time to let go of more than one. And to forgive all. I can do that. Most of the time I live there. Sometimes, not so much. But I can do this.

The one painful emotion I would really like to let go is DOUBT. Doubt that I will be taken care of, that I will find a job, that I am loved, that there is enough money, time, love, hope, peace, in this world.

I banish doubt

I Banish Doubt




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