Getting Nekkid

Oh, I had the bestest time I did.

We had a really wonderful drive north to the property.  Chatted all the way.  About all kinds of interesting things.  About 5 miles before our destination we veered off and drove to the top of the ridge to see the view of the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.  We saw a soaring eagle (the second one for me in two days) and heard the ravens, and on the side of the road, just a few feet from the car, we saw a deer.  It started to walk away but I called out to it (animal guide) and he stopped and looked and wiggled his soft nose and shook his young antlers at us.  Aaaaaah.

At the top were two parasailers (parasailors?) getting ready for the last glide of the day.  This guy freaked me out.  Just as he was getting to go and the wind was catching him his helmet fell off.  Next attempt he almost went off backwards, not ready, lines tangled.  Both times it took all he had not to be dragged over the edge by the wind in his sail.  And there was the time he was on his knees and couldn’t get up the way his pack was trying to pull him backwards.  I tell you my heart was in my throat.  I told Gary that I couldn’t watch anymore and since he was nervous watching this guy too and the mosquitos were closing in, we left.  Took a short walk along the ridge catching the view and then on to our destination.

This property was really something.  A pond in a field surrounded by forest.  Tucked into the forest proper was the main “house” which consisted of a largish porch, a main room, small kitchen, and loft bedroom, none of it of much size.  Very charming. Art everywhere of every kind imaginable. Metal sculptures, mobiles of glass and found objects, shells, paintings, masks, every inch full of something interesting.  There was a sauna, a yurt, a bathhouse across the road. Yes, bathroom across the road.  A guest house that was five sided, the ceiling practically a pentagram, two walls of which are windows looking out onto trees and the pond.  Aaaah.

All over the property are statues and artistic installations, faery shrines, tree stumps that were burned during the great logging devastation and that are so big three people can stand in the hollow stump, mushrooms, colts foot, salmon berries, turkey tails, food and medicine everywhere just for the picking.  Aaaaaaaaaaaah.


I forgot my camera so my phone camera had to make do.  This dragon is a gong (there are several gongs around there).  You knock the large gray hanging bells to announce your arrival or to just hear their wonderful tones.

I walked the labyrinth under the full moon.  Solitary.  Spoke to the mama and Hekate’s hounds howled in greeting.  Large fire, salmon cooked on the coals at midnight.  Interesting people, living on the fringe, worried about peak oil and the aftermath.  One fellow only eats found food or food he grows himself.  Several fellows were smoking porcupine and racoon hams.  Something else I tell you.  Tons of fun.  Ate soap berry mousse with apple chips (tastes something like frothy charred marshmallows, looks like seafoam).

And got nekkid in the sauna with Gary and a few other folks.  I have to tell you that while I get nekkid in saunas and sweats and pools with folks often enough this was the first time I got nekkid in front of a man that I am attracted to but we are just meeting.  Brought up some issues I have to say.  Made me all nervous.  Glad my glasses fogged up and I had to take them off. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Right? But I did see him. *GRIN* And would like to do so again. He’s beautiful to my eyes. *sigh* Time will tell. Between sweats Gary and I stood out in the trees under the clouded stars and chatted.

Did two sweats, showered off, then another walk around the labyrinth, this time with Chuck and Gary.  Chuck called the directions, we held hands in the center, spoke of the sabbats and how they were determined time wise.

After the sweat Gary and I decided that since Chuck had no guests staying overnight in either the yurt or the pentagram that instead of getting on the freeway at 70mph at 2am and driving home after all that wonderfulness that we would stay.  I fell asleep after midnight (yes, alone!) and awoke at 4:30 with the rooster.  Fell asleep again and awoke at 5:45 with the rooster and the same thing again at 6:30.

This was my view…


Had to get back so didn’t stay long in the morning but long enough for Chuck to give me a brief tour of the back acreage, foraged for some food, had some strong coffee, and then an all too brief drive home with Gary.  We arrived at his place, he heated up some leftover chicken parmesan while we chatted about cleansing spaces and healing from relationships.

He leaves in the morning for Utah for 7 days. I’ll be checking in on his wonderful cat, Griffin.  A seriously handsome and charming red tom, Griffin has seven toes on each of his front paws.  It’s the least I can do.  Keep the connection going but also thanks so much for those 18 hours of bliss. I will get dinner when Gary returns. Or some kind of get together.  He sounded happy to be talking with me again, I could hear his smile, we just start talking and have to consciously break off so we can go do what we’re supposed to do. We both have Mercury in Leo and Libra rising.   He has a lovely, er, *cough*, chart.

I see now that I was not in his mind at all really, not really, before the drive. He was just being nice.  I think however that that has changed.  Nothing else, I have a new wonderful fun friend and have reconnected with another.  But I think there is more going on here now. Yes I do.  Oh My.

Oh! Oh! While Gary and I and several other people were chatting around the fire I saw a shooting star. No one else saw it. The first I’ve seen in years. It was so bright and actually golden. My wish? ABUNDANCE in all it’s forms.



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