Stitch Witch Cottage

I’m going to do it.  I had so much fun creating The Medieval Tailor. When I left the SCA for good I didn’t turn back but there were some things I truly missed.  Especially teaching.  And the TMT website was all about teaching.  I was busy in general and all was good. But I’ve had no purpose this last year.  It was supposed to be freelancing but even when I did/do have work it doesn’t come close to the high I get when I’m teaching.

That one little nudge from the universe yesterday has changed so many things.  I suddenly have a project, a big project, one that will hopefully bring some joy to others.  That will be service work.  That will give me smaller projects to do within the larger project framework.  That will use my creative talents.  Oh GIRL!

So.  While I don’t have a lot of money I do have mad skillz.  And I did have $10.  You are reading the blog of the proud owner of:

Woot!   It will take some time to get this rolling.  I will have to design the site and I plan on making it database driven to manage the photos. And I will need content.  So I probably won’t launch for a year.  But you will be my guinea pigs.  Since this isn’t intended to be a money making venture but a gift of love I can unveil all demos here and eventually put them into a website.

As soon as the pouch demo is done I will hope that one or two of you will be my beta testers to make sure that the instructions are concise, that there are helpful tips, and to let me know if I’ve missed anything.

The beta testers will be rewarded.  I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

Don’t you just want to live here?


8 thoughts on “Stitch Witch Cottage

  1. Yay! And oh yes, I could really see myself in this house. I find myself a little sad because I am yet again going to Faerieworlds and you won’t be there 😦 Maybe next year?

  2. I know! I realized I wouldn’t see you, yet again, I’ve missed you. I plan on definitely going to Faerieworlds. I plan on making it my vacation. If the timing is right I’ll go to Oregon Country Fair then to see some friends on the coast and then to Faerieworlds. Hotels for OCF and FW.

    Have a great time for me dear! And share photos!


  3. It is a quant looking little house, but what do the gardens look like? does it have a pond?
    hmm what does the kitchen feel like?
    okay, you can tell i have lived in to MANY houses..

    Hoping your labor of love bears many fruits!

  4. I followed the crumbs..but I still do not see any gardens.. or kitchens..
    have you been to this house?
    I don’t have TV, but saw the video clips, wondering if thats the actual interior..
    So a labor of love..
    am trying to wrap my head around…I must be tired, why??
    why for art thou making a cottage on the web?

  5. I’ll keep an eye open for when your site goes live and will add it to my site roll on the blog.
    Great to have a new project idea.
    Wishing you luck and blessings for all your undertakings.
    Brightest Blessings

  6. Hey Sorrow~

    I am not making a cottage on the web. I am making witch crafts on the web with demos and instructions on how to make them yourself. Stitch Witch Cottage just happens to be the name of website and the endeavor…


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