Thanks to Wandering Soul, I found this cool online forum/group called Witch Crafts.  Now mind you, I tend to avoid forums like the plague.  But this one caught me at least at the right time.  And it’s as much about teaching as it is about show and tell.  And I’m all over that.  Into the Dawn, who is also there, asked me to do a couple demos.  So the first one is a pouch.

(I’m actually thinking that I might make a new website similar to The Medieval Tailor that is all about demos for the creative work I do with good photos and decent instructions, anyone want to vote on that?)

I got the materials all together yesterday and everything is ready for me to start sewing.  Of course I have to embroider it, which is not part of the pouch construction demo, but what’s the use of a plain pouch for someone like me?  The demo might take a couple weeks to complete but it should be fun.

So as a teaser to the sisters who lead me there and for you I’ll post a couple photos.  Today, I’m getting ready for Fires of Lughnasadh (a skyclad ritual after a day of workshops out at the standing stone circle in Redmond) tomorrow and this.  My camera has a terrible time getting this green right.  So note that the green is mossier and the purple is purple-er.   The cord is very silvery gray, and the threads are more saturated too.  Hopefully, when it is done, I will be able to nail the photo…


This is closer but the colors are brighter, happier than this.  Totally yummy…


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