Fires Of Lughnasadh

Well, well, well.  Ruth and I had a great time at the Fires of Lughnasadh.  We day tripped which was plenty.  Sean Ciall led the ritual again this year, 8 straight years now.  We had a pretty good downpour but that was okay since we were skyclad.  The rain stopped in time and the bonfire roared.  John Barleycorn is dead and mourned and celebrated with much energy.  After, a second paddle in the nice cool pool.


Struck up a conversation of some length with a very interesting fellow I’ve noticed for about a year now.  After noticing him for some time I started paying greater attention the last couple events.  Much wonderful conversation if it was interrupted for his duties, he’s on staff currently which is a huge time commitment before during and after. But he kept finding his way back in his moments of respite for more conversation.  It was very lovely and quite good actually.  Still waters do indeed run deep as I was to find out yesterday.

My friend Ruth approves of him, she says it’s his mind (studied Ancient Greek, not Greece, Greek), his body, and his man parts.  Hahahahaha.  Gotta love the pagans.  Gotta admit he looks mighty fine walking away.  And walking towards me is pretty damned nice too.  She was so sweet. She made him sit with his dinner in her chair because she knew I was making a move on him, said he deserved to sit after so much working, she’s so subtle. And then she took his plate from him and left us alone.  Love my friend Ruth.

I know, a couple of head turners have shown up since the new year that have looked like good potential and this one does too. But that’s a good thing. Contrast and variety and choice are good things. It’s surprising how much you can learn about a person under certain circumstances at a festival.  Learned a lot I did.  This man is not a player, not a spineless wonder, he’s smart, he doesn’t appear to shy away from commitment as he’s volunteer staff (they all are dontcha know), he’s going for his first degree with Georgian Trad, and darn if I haven’t forgotten the other thing.  He has a good job, he has a master’s degree.  Oh that’s it, a BA is just what many folks do, a Master’s is a true commitment.   He showed interest in me, didn’t just talk about himself.  Not into drama about which I can not divulge here. Oh, and he found his pagan path in the course of researching communication in the pagan world for his master’s work.  Love that.

Whether or not we are truly compatible remains to be seen naturally.  The test waffles were interesting but I wouldn’t describe the three of them as men.  This one?  He is a man.  And you really wouldn’t know it by just looking at him.  He’s not tall, not a stud, he is the quiet one in a group, folks seem to accept his company and presence but he doesn’t say much simply because so many people do. Say so much, that is, they are very much into their own intelligence and paganality.  I noticed that first of all.  He seemed really pleased that I showed interest and asked my questions. I’m quite good at that, drawing folks out.  He takes care of himself but he’s not the kind of man who turns women’s heads.  Except mine.  For some reason, whatever it was, he turned mine some time ago.  But I simply let it be what it was.  Et voila.  And once I got him going, he was more than happy to chat away about all kinds of things. Excellent.  Didn’t have to pull teeth, just had to pull once and off we went.

As I was leaving I went looking for him to say goodbye. The site was dark with a few torches and fires here and there and I wondered if I’d see him at all until next month.  I wandered towards the one building with lights and he walked out a door right there in front of me.  Asked me if I went to the ritual?  Did I enjoy it?  Why yes and thank you for asking.  I asked him if he would like to have coffee with me some time soon?  “Yes. Absolutely,”  was his instantaneous reply. Good Answer.  None of the futzing around shy shit, no innuendo, just honest, nice, very glad I asked interest.  Earlier one of the OG students was giving me a hard time and he told her to be good to the nice lady.  Which was truly awesome.  I can totally take care of myself but to have a defender was very sweet. A man with a backbone without a surplus of testosterone is a refreshing change.

So I have his phone number and will call him this evening.

2 thoughts on “Fires Of Lughnasadh

  1. Hmm hmm… he sounds promising! And sounds like your friend Ruth did an excellent job acting as your “wing man”… or, I guess that would be “wing witch”? *lol*

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