Joyous Mabon


(artist: Jennifer Hewitson from Scott Cunningham’s Kitchen Witch book)

The coven doesn’t celebrate until tomorrow night but it’s all good. Harvest is harvest. What’s a couple minutes between friends.  Feast time!!!

I have a date tonight with M.  I’ve been getting confusing messages this past week. Then yesterday with the mild flirting.  This guy.  *laughs and shakes head*  He’s so confused about what he wants and I think he’s afraid to really fall.  But he’s cooking dinner at his suggestion and invitation, he wants me over there early (don’t know if that’s because he wants to see me or because he wants to kick me out early, I really can’t tell!), I’m bringing the movie and the ginger beer.  He suggested Harold and Maude, I’m bringing Spinal Tap.  Avoiding the romantic flirtations if I can.  If he makes a move he’s getting a talking to and then he’s either leaping or leaving.  Or rather I’m leaving because it’s his place not mine.  heh.  This time the pentagram is on the ring love finger.  I’m going with protection.  No worries, I’m not falling on my own again.  (I only want consistency, see the Epiphany post, not a fracture.  I can live with whichever way he wants to go, its all good, I just want to stop the push me pull you activity, no judgment)

The trees are turning.

There is an avenue of trees near my home, don’t know what they are but they turn bright yellow practically over night and all the leaves are on the ground in a matter of two days.  They turn the fastest of any tree I know.  So right after Mabon I’m driving under bare trees.

The other avenue, an old stand of some kind of ash that turns purple in the autumn is starting to turn.  Love driving down this vista.  Other trees are showing the red and the orange.  We’ve had a good hard rain, lots of wind, and today will be 86 degrees.  September is my absolute favorite month of all.

The corn is sweet and tender and almost gone.

The birds are starting to ask to be fed again.

The cat is putting on a little weight and her fur is suddenly thicker.

I’ve unpacked my sweaters but haven’t packed my summer clothes yet.  The heaviest coats are still in a box but the transition has begun.

The gauzy scarves are hanging on the closet door, ready and waiting.

I have food in the fridge, my phone is turned back on, I’m calling my lawyer today about the car.  I’m in the solution in all things and I feel fine.

5 thoughts on “Joyous Mabon

  1. Happy Autumn Equinox! May the blessings and balance of the season be yours! Hope you have an absolutely beautiful & magical celebration with your coven tomorrow.

    Wow, catching up on your blog; sorry to hear about the threats & drama. Some people.

    As for M… I wait with baited breath to see how it all works out!

  2. Equinoctal greetings to you too! I thought about you at lunch during my walk. I also sooooooo love autumn. But I think November is really my favorite – but then I am a wee bit more goth than you 🙂

  3. Good greetings after the Equinox – sounds like things are moving in a positive direction for you. I’ve been reading along here for a while, and figured I’d say hello, as well as the good wishes I send your way. I wish that my car was working so I could visit sometime, you are welcome to visit here if life ever brings you to Portland.

    I am eagerly awaiting the autumnal weather, and have been lately doing a bunch of knitting to keep warm this coming winter. While I still post to Lj, I am also writing on my new blog Acorn Cottage Artisanry…

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