The Boot Lady

Life continues…

Been looking for a new pair of leather boots, the kind that will not only last through the winters but the kind of classic style and quality that will last a couple decades like my last ones did.  I had to give them up because my calves became too large to fit them any more.  Not surprising, this has always been a problem even in my smallest days of size 6.  As a sprinter and hurdler, skiier and dancer, my calves have always been “developed.”  I found a few short pairs that I liked a lot, two with cuban heels  but they were $155 and I just couldn’t justify it.  Not only was that way over my budget but they were online and I couldn’t try them on first and they would have been a total pain to deal with if they didn’t work.  I could buy some of the biker boots, my last pair were harley’s with the harness, but they’ve become so fashionable, so trendy, that I really didn’t want to go there at all.

There are two really styling women at my noon meeting.  Both boots and jeans women.  I asked one where she shopped and she seemed mortified that I would ask.  The other happily told me all about the boot lady from the local farmers market.  And that she’d opened a new shop right up the street, which it turns out I had driven past the week before and wondered.

The boot lady sells vintage used leather boots. And purses and clothes and coats and the like.  And her prices are astonishing.  Seriously.  I got two pairs of boots, both hardly worn with almost no wear on the heels.  Both leather lined.  One pair a pair of plain black Justins which go well up my calf Yay!  One pair a designer label from Spain with crossing straps that buckle, tan with embroidery and cuban heels.  Totally freaking cool.  For $28 each pair.  I can’t believe my good fortune, I’ve wanted the Justin’s for years, the others were just a complete score. And unique.  These aren’t boots you’ll see around much.  I put away the lime green pointy toes.  They were truly excellent and unique and only $24 and almost new.  But I couldn’t justify the expenditure.

I did however justify the expenditure of $24 on a leather backpack, practically new.  I have a black leather backpack that I’ve had for almost 20 years and it’s still in fairly good shape but it’s smallish.  More a mini backpack / purse.  This one, while brown, is from Columbia and has five pockets and is easily an over night bag.

I spent $80.  I still felt like I had to sneak into the house, and well I should.  Times are tough and I’m not working.  I guess I needed a little retail therapy.

Dad hasn’t been doing well.  So not well in fact that mother finally invited me to accompany her to visit his doctor.  It’s a huge secret, Dad isn’t to know.  This is a huge milestone in my relationship with her and I’m honored that it finally happened.  But sad about why.  Life is just hard on one hand and on another I’m doing really well.  It helps to go to 6-7 meetings a week plus an in person with my sponsor.  Helps a ton.

I had a phone interview for a position I truly am qualified for this afternoon.  It’s not web work but does include web work and database stuff.  Which is great.  I’ve come to realize and accept that staying current in the field of web development is just too much work on top of work.  I don’t really want to be a total coder.  So this would be a nice compromise between web work, design of publications, and program coordination/adminstration.  I’ve got years of experience.  I hope they call me for the in person.  Only one in person interview this time.  And they want to decide asap.  I only applied a week ago.  So they are in a hurry.  I could really dig getting busy again.  I’m bored out of my skull.

Meetings, Season 2 of Deadwood, a little sewing, a little reading, a little napping.  I’ve always said that bored people are boring people.  While I haven’t hit boring yet at this rate I’m well on my way.  Need some structure, some self-esteem, and some regular pay…

1 thought on “The Boot Lady

  1. *SQUEE!* What a coup! I’m jealous, of course, because wearing boots in FL will make your feet rot off and I luvs to wear boots. Dang!

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, but so happy that your mother is turning to you for support; that is just awesome.

    And I can’t wait (I’m second in line right behind you) to hear about the J.O.B.!!!

    When life starts to click, it snaps it’s fingers to a happy tune.



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