Work and the Week in Cancer

The British playwright Colley Cibber, who was born 55 years after Shakespeare died, thought that the Bard’s historical drama Richard III needed improvement. He made extensive revisions, transposing scenes and inserting new material. For 150 years, Cibber’s version was widely performed, effectively replacing Shakespeare’s rendition. I suggest you borrow Cibber’s strategy for your own in the coming weeks. Take something you like and personalize it; make it into your own. Be sure to acknowledge the original, of course. But have fun blending your influence with the prototype as you create a useful and amusing hybrid.

I believe I have just been offered a job.  I received an email on Sunday saying they were sorry to write on Sunday but their schedule was crazy.  They’d received my resume from HR on Friday.  They had been to my website, loved it, thought it was beautiful.  My resume is fantastic, when can she call me and meet me?  She called me at 9am the next morning and I met her and her associate(s) this morning.

After two interviews she told me she wants to offer the job to me.  She has two interviews scheduled already and felt honor bound to follow through but would I like the job.  I had already decided that this would be the most amazing opportunity.  Not web work, not really, although that is a feature.  Working with a research professor and her staff.  She specializes in Borderline disorder.  Several interviewees have left halfway through the interview when they discovered that.  She told me that when she received my email Sunday she knew then and there she wanted to hire me but needed her colleague to meet me and check her excitement.  She asked me three times if I was sure, she was that sure she wanted me.

At any rate, it’s slightly less than I was making full time last year but that’s no matter in these days and to have a job with two women I really liked immediately with my own office, all my benefits restored 100%, is a coup.  How does this pertain to the horoscope?  I’d be starting Monday for one thing.  And I’d be filling the shoes of an assistant that was very much loved and admired.  Della Street.  I’m going to make it mine and be just as loved.  Watch me.  They have earned my loyalty already.

She has called my references already, one emailed me and I’m waiting for him to call me back.  Evidently she must have told him the same thing as he’s busting a gut.  He’s never called me about a prospective employer before.

I think this is it my friends.  The drought appears to be over…

I’m so grateful.  I would of course take any job offered me at this time but to have it be a perfect fit in all ways is a total amazing bonus.


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