Little Boys

I felt that Hecate really had something to say today about Little Boys that was a slight tangent or perhaps an elaboration on what I was trying to say about female relationships with our men in the Mercy post.  Had to share here.  There are more thoughts that occur to me over time that I’ve simply been to emotionally busy to deal with of late.  But I had to make sure I shared this tidbit.  I guess, for me, this place of Little Boys and Nonnas, is the place to begin.  But what about those who didn’t have those relationships.  Do we give up on them simply because they are no longer little boys?

No I say.  No.  Nay.  Not one bit.  I know too many absolutely awesome men to stay in a hating mode….

2 thoughts on “Little Boys

  1. No man is ever no longer a little boy. Everyone, whether they choose to acknowledge the fact or not, is still very much a child. We’ve just learned to submerge our inner child, to keep that child quiet and put on a “grown up” face. Many learned to deny and even deprive the child, trying to cut themselves off from feelings of pain perhaps, but the side effect is to cut themselves off from all feelings, especially those of happiness. Whether the child is near the surface or locked away in a dark box, the little boy, the little girl, they are always with us. An emotionally wounded or deprived child is not more deserving of our mercy and compassion at age 6 than he will be at age 60 — it is never too late for a child to be solaced, to be touched, healed, influenced, gentled; for their needs to be acknowledged and met, and for them to experience good relationships and love.

    • You get me exactly.

      Sure, some folks are best left alone and its wise to stay away from them. But all of us just want to love and be loved. Most of us don’t actually know how to do either. We will be growing up the rest of our lives.

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