It Is A New Life

I got the job! It’s with a woman who is the premier psychologist in the world (really, some of my counselor friends are amazed and impressed) for the treatment of borderline personality disorder and suicide. I will be her gatekeeper, her assistant, and the person who fields the calls from the distraught (she will train me for the latter). I will also be re-doing two websites. Variety is the spice of life. She is a delightful woman and told me the day we met that she wanted me. Her excitement on the phone when I accepted the offer was enough to stoke my ego for a long time to come and bought serious loyalty already. Her assoc. director is a gem of a person too and she also wanted me. From the beginning, Friday, I was the top candidate. I’m just thrilled to be working with such truly nice and interesting women. It starts at 75% but I’m guessing will move to 100% before the end of the year. Which is a good way to ease back into the groove. I start Mon or Tues, I’ll find out before the weekend.

5 thoughts on “It Is A New Life

  1. *SQUEE!*

    What great news. There are only a few things better (grin!) than a job you actually enjoy. I was so incredibly fortunate all my working life to have jobs I loved to do and people I loved to work with. I can’t fathom how people can get up and go to jobs they hate or that bore them to tears. If I ever had a job like that, I would do without a job and live on the street until I found a job that gave me personal satisfaction. Although I was making a fantastic salary when I retired, it was never about the money. I could have been making even more! It was about feeling appreciated and feeling like I made a difference at the end of the day.

    I’m so happy for you that you landed what I think is a fantastic job — maybe it’s not your dream job, but it’s got so many of the elements that make a fantastic job, one that will support you comfortably and keep you sane while you keep dreaming and looking for the perfect job!

    I just have to *SQUEEEE* for you one more time!

  2. Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you, this is absolutely amazing! Did you do a happy dance in your livivingroom? I mostly just end up squealing and jumping up and down when something this wonderfully serendipitous happens to me, lol!

  3. I sure enough DID jump up and down and squeal all over my little 10x10x8 room.

    I think I start Tuesday which would be great. I’d like one more day at my noon meeting if I can get it. Only working 30 hours per week right now which might mean I can go to the noon meeting twice a week. That would ROCK.


    My new boss said, “I’m so excited that you’re coming to work with us!” How’s that for amazing. I’m so frikking grateful half the time I want to cry instead of squeal.

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