Samhain Approacheth

It says a lot about how things have been this past year when I tell you that this is the first altar I’ve decorated for the sabbats since I moved out of my little home in the woods. I must be feeling better. Endings and beginnings, my favorite time of year.

It’s been stormy and blustery and the ground is totally soaked with an abundance of water. It’s sound was wonderful to wake up to. I love the gold/red/purple leaves against a stormy sky. The flowers are from me mum as are the pomegranates. She gives me poms every year at this time, she has for over 40 years. It’s just such a lovely gesture. I think when Mom is gone and this time of year comes I will miss her the most. It was she who taught me the wonders of late autumn…


5 thoughts on “Samhain Approacheth

  1. I absolutely LIVE for pomegranates! Your altar is lovely and magical, so warm and inviting. I have to finish cleaning house before I can even contemplate starting mine, but I did at least begin today. I have two altars up at all times: a daily altar and a faerie altar. They are both small and I often take pics and post them. Then there is my large, working and ritual altar that I set up and put away as needed. That altar and those items I don’t photograph; too sacred.

  2. I wish I had my altar that I never photograph. Since moving into a 10 x 10 room while I help my mum and dad, things have had to simplify. There are so many things in storage that I miss. Books, statues, the ability to burn incense without them making noises..

  3. My altars tend to be either small or simple. Sometimes that is really powerful in its own right. What a touching tradition that your mom gives you mums & pomegranates this time of year. Endings & beginning… perfect time for creating a new altar… Blessings!

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