10 thoughts on “Boudica

  1. “Portrait of Queen Boudica in Later Life.”

    The lovely, brave and courageous Icenian Queen, having been flogged and her daughters raped after the death of her King, led the successful revolt that ended the Roman occupation of the Iceni homelands. She and her daughters went on to cleanse the entire British Isles of Roman influence and her attacks upon the city of Rome itself initiated the decline of the Roman Empire. She lived to the age of 104 and never remarried,, but clear into her late 80s tempted many a man to share her boudoir.

    You are da bomb, momma — exactly the image needed for my flight it revisionist history! *snert!*

    • And didn’t it just make her red hair turn that awesome shade of silver?! he he he!

      And I have no idea which faerie turned “flight of revisionist history” into “flight it revisionist history,” but when I find out, some serious pixie dust will be scattered!

  2. I wondered who was going to pay for that little turn of phrase. I had to read it twice. Perhaps they meant “Fuck it!” A sober friend and I have a saying that the battle cry of the alcoholic is “FUUUUUCK IIIIITTTTTT!!!!” And I always see myself dressed in battle gear running down a hill with sword raised, fast as I can hurtling towards what end I know not. And I was giggling over this all Monday evening…

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