Credit where Credit is due

I have the best boss ever. Really and truly. Go to great lengths to make her happy. My dad asked me the other day what it was she did that warranted such praise. It made me pause to realize that it was simply because she says things like Thank You and I Love How You Organize Everything. Wow, a kind and communicative human being. How sad that they are so rare in overseers that it’s something to be grateful for. But grateful I am.

Then I recalled our meeting that morning. We receive several letters and phone calls every day from people with desperate stories about loved ones dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder and suicide. The stories are truly heartbreaking. I found several my first week that were several months old. And when MML and I went over them her distress at how these had fallen through my predessors fingers, how late we were, and how much she wanted to help them, really touched my heart.

The Worst Boss I Ever Had worked with and did research on the disabled. His own son was terribly physically disabled. The day he found out I had fibromyalgia he said to me that if he had known that when he interviewed me he never would have hired me. It was that statement that I believe sealed his fate when I filed a claim with the state for benefits based on a hostile work enviornment.

To be working with such a wonderful and truly caring indivdual is so welcome.

2 thoughts on “Credit where Credit is due

  1. I was so fortunate to have bosses like your new one throughout my career and I felt like bending over backwards would never be enough. In return, I fostered many young women to follow in MY footsteps, and discovered the rich rewards of seeing someone else flower into their potential. These people are more than bosses; they’re mentors and sponsors for your career and your self-worth. They’re magicians! And we are so fortunate to have fallen into their clutches (he he he!).

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