The Song Will Sing Itself

This will be a smooth, easy, and graceful week for you — if, that is, you get yourself out of the way and allow the universe to do its job. Can you do that? It doesn’t mean you should be passive or blank. On the contrary, in order for the cosmos to perform its magic, you should be on the lookout for what captivates your imagination and be primed to jump when life says “jump!” Be both relaxed and alert; receptive and excitable; surrendered to the truth and in intimate contact with your primal power. Then the song will sing itself. The dream will interpret itself. The beauty will reveal itself.

I love this, especially the bit about the song singing itself….  Indeed it should.  So I think I’ll let it.

Bit and pieces of life

  • My brother went into a complete tailspin after threatening to sue me after reading my post where I said I didn’t want to play with him any more.  It got so bad that he was calling my parents every day in a complete tirade, made my mother cry.  That was that.  I wrote him and said something along the lines of “Dude, chill.  Breathe.  Go be happy.  We will never fix decades of problems overnight. I love you.”  He wrote back saying thanks and all has been quiet ever since.
  • The job got a bit crazy last week.  It’s just always busy, co-worker behaving in very unprofessional ways (turns out this is normal, she is tolerated due to her longevity, historial knowledge, and mad skillz), that I got cranky.  After a weekend of self-examination I decided that while I’m grateful and am not ever leaving until there is something else of substance waiting for me, I will at some point move on.  Until then I am going to be militantly cheerful.
  • Home life starting to swing again. After the episode of violence with Dad he calmed down eventually and things got pretty normal around here. No more blood sugar crises, no outburts, almost back to normal.  Until yesterday.  Now he’s all confused, his behavior is erratic if pleasant with grumpy face, he doesn’t know what the heck is going on.  Hose running outside with the front door wide open while he chats amiably with a neighbor as our precious and expensive resources just go off into the good and cool night.  Using the hose to flush the internal vacuum system.  Here we go again.  It’s never going to get better than this and I’m certain that the episodes will become more and more frequent.  Let’s hope they are not as extreme as they were that day since we are no longer trying to get him to stop driving.  He promised the cops and that’s a promise he’ll keep.
  • Projects are easing back into my life. Knitted socks for Yule presents, a felted zipper pouch with embroidery (another Yule gift), a tarot bag for a vampire deck for Lewis who cuts my hair who I adore, and a reproduction Roumanian peasant blouse (white linen with red embroidery, seam details, and crocheted neckline and sleeve hem).  I want to make a black wool cloak as well as a black robe.  I have the later but it’s really just a loose long black dress/tunic.  Hekates night inspired me to do something for her for that night of the year and other occassions when it’s called for.  I actually have the fabric, brought it with me, one of the few things I did that showed a view into what I would need this year (or two).
  • It’s dark at 5:10 now.  Wow. Yule approacheth and that doesn’t seem half weird right now.  I feel as though I’ve missed an entire year of my life.

Life is good.  Really good. Car is saved, bills are paid, family is well enough and the drama has declined, I feel like an adult again, kitty won’t come out from under the bed much which concerns me a bit but what can you do.

Keeping it simple.


3 thoughts on “The Song Will Sing Itself

  1. I do hope that you will post photos of the goodies you make after there is no danger of ruining the surprise for anyone. 😉

    I’m sorry to hear about your father…that has to hurt and strain in a way that I’m not sure I can fathom. One day at a time, eh?

    You sound well though, and I’m glad to see a post from ya.

  2. I will always post goodies and this time no worries about giving away the surprise so I’ll post them as soon as I can…

    One day at time indeed… That peasant blouse especially. It’s for me so it is the first to get back burnered but I’m looking forward to working on it as soon as this one last sock is done. I’ve wanted one for years, very like this one.

    When I saw how expensive they were and how lame the ground fabric is now, I decided to make one of my own. Didn’t save much money in the end but the linen is gorgeous.

  3. I have a bunch of past patterns, for stuff like that. They are wonderful, if a bit on the tiny side. For women under 5’5″.
    The song reminded me of this ” Songs are thoughts, sung out with the breath when people are moved by great forces and ordinary speech no longer suffices. Man is moved just like an ice floe sailing here and there out in the current. His thoughts are driven by a flowing force when he feels joy, when he feels fear, when he feels sorrow. Thought can wash over him like a flood, making his breath come n gasps and his heart throb. Sometimes, like an abatement in the weather, will keep him thawed up and then it will happen that we, who always think that we are small, will feel smaller. And we will fear to use our words, But it will happen that the words we need will come of themselves. When the words we want to use shoot up of themselves_ we get a new song.

    Orpingalik, A Netsilingmint Eskimo”
    and I have had that floating about in my head for days.
    Glad to hear that the waters have calmed in the sea of your soul.

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