Ah, The Smell of Burning Wood

I am so not an expert at this but it will serve.

Nephew’s Christmas Present
He is 7 and I hope he likes it. Since I’m only working part time I have to get very creative with my money. $10 for nephew and he gets this lovely box and a plastic sheep wearing a santa hat that poops brown jelly beans. The box hide the sheep and lots of beans.

10 thoughts on “Ah, The Smell of Burning Wood

  1. You guys are so kind. I really need to get my chops down on this technique… But I do have to say that if I were to pick two elements I like the best it’s the trees and Secrets. Secrets I did last so I was starting to find more control. The trees were freehand so look more controlled.

    And learning which tips I like to use for what strokes etc… Lots of experimenting going on there.

    Next project, that pentacle paten…

  2. First, that box is so totally adorable, and second, a pooping sheep that delivers edibles has got to be the funniest thing I have heard THIS YEAR! He is going to want this when he grows up, so make sure his mother saves it. My mother/step-mother didn’t save anything (sadly, I was traded back and forth between divorced parents) and I only have memories of the fabulous things my grandmother made for me. When I was in my 20s, my darling grandmother remade some of them, she felt so badly (is it any wonder she is the most important person in my life!?).

    You rock, sweetie; really!

  3. I confess that as I made it I kept thinking that this was made for him to keep forever and that I hoped he would treasure it always. I know his mother will keep it if at some point he loses interest, she’s that kind. But this box has my little wishes burned right into it.

    I still have a wooden stool that my mother’s father made in 1919. He built the stool and then carved the family crest on it with geometric designs around the sides and other medieval designs. It had big teeth fixed on either side too but all but one tooth have gone missing over the years. On the underside is burned an oath he took to always follow God’s will and to be of service. It sits by my bed stacked with the books I’m currently reading.

    I have a wooden bowl turned on a lathe that my father made when he was in highschool. He painted the rim with violets.

    I have a funny little wooden shoe that laces over the top of the foot with a leather placket that was my mothers.

    A bowl with a handle carved from a burl.

    One day it will all be Mathieu’s. For some reason these little wooden objects speak to me and inspire me to make more…

  4. Those items sound just wonderful. The only item I managed to keep hold of was a small cedar chest made for me by my grandfather; it still has the wonderful smell of cedar when I open it after 40 years! I keep in it, amongst other treasures, all of the lost doll clothes that my grandmother replaced (and which she updated to what was modern at the time, i.e., lingerie, track suits, and big shouldered business suits lol! replaced flapper dresses, skating outfits and house frocks — she has a great sense of humor!). Long gone are the deer hide jacket that my grandfather shot and my grandmother sewed, all her crochet and knitted work, and little figures my grandfather whittled. So sad, not knowing where they ended up and if someone is cherishing them as I would. Gone, too, my great grandmother’s china dolls dressed in her children’s christening clothes, with their faces covered in fine tiny cracks — how I would hold my breath as I spied on them over the edge from the stool required to climb into her four-poster bed covered in white Irish lace. Foolishly, not everyone wants to retain the past. Sigh.

  5. For most of us, we loose things along the long path that is our life.

    Among some of the things I wish I still had was a 2×3 foot poster of a B/W photo of me in gold lame straight leg jeans, black leather and gold metal platforms, a very revealing black velvet vest, swinging to face the camera, the billy club just visible behind my leg, black Veronica Lake hair flying. 5’6″ and a 120 pounds dripping wet. Track star, I had me some legs. 1976 or 77. Coulda had me some Steve Marriott in that outfit. What I wouldn’t give to have that back again… HOT? Oh man… Nothing as precious as china dolls..=

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