How are EWE?

As in all things, I’m going to persevere, I’m going to be well, I am well already. The better job with happy people is coming. The place where I can rest and yet work is almost here.

She approacheth.

There are three little crocii poking their heads up in our garden and some of the wild cherry is blooming already. The coven Imbolc circle is Wednesday.

Tonight I go home to bathe and relax and welcome in the spring with candle light and incense, soft robes, warm blankets, soft lights, perhaps a stitch or two. And a cup of tea, always tea.

This year is the beginning of the Honey Years and it’s only right that now, at Imbolc, I shall arise as the Goddess and bless myself, nurture and help myself grow, feed myself, and bathe myself. This year is all about me. It is about working on my food addictions, my free and happy self, my physical movement. My wings are unfolding, I can breathe, my heart is joyous and easy.

Health! Healing! Abundance! Wealth! Joy! Freedom! Love!

So Mote It  Be.

6 thoughts on “Imbolc

  1. Oh this is lovely. It reminds me of elements of my practice I sometimes forget: joy in the connection with all things, and cherishing my sacred Self. Thank you 🙂

    Blessed Imbolc to your and yours,


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