Don’t tell ME I’m not a problem solver.

I spent yesterday researching unemployment benefits and also talking to a wonderful woman on the phone. Yes, a person on the phone!  I didn’t know they existed any more.  But she did and she told me that I have the right to request that they use different quarters than 1-5.  That I can request 6-8.  I posted that on Facebook and someone I actually KNOW said “hey, they did that for me.  They based my benefits on quarter 7.  That’s how I was finally able to move.” I can’t find much online about it but a person at unemployment told me and a good friend who had that experience told me so it must be true.

They have to pay you a minimum of $133 no matter how little you made which means I qualify for that because all last year I was an hourly employee at the university even though I only worked about 5 hours per quarter. So I get the minimum.

Once that is enstated, I can appeal for the other quarter calculation and see what can be done.

I am going to the food bank today to check it out, see what’s shakin.

Keeping the good thing going, bringing the golden coins, let’s the keep the abundance increasing and increasing so I get the 7/8 quarters!


3 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Deerhart! ~If you ever run into a bind with feeding Miss Mitty Kitty you march STRAIGHT to me! You know where I work. I am there on Tuesdays and Sundays. I will be happy to take care of her “bathroom” needs too! 😉

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