Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee

I’ve applied for unemployment.  There is no doubt that I’ll qualify technically as you can collect if you are fired if it isn’t because you did something illegal or were insubordinant.  As long as it was simply that it was a bad fit or you didn’t have the right skills, you qualify. I certainly don’t possess the skills to deal with people who suffer from Borderine Personality Disorder.  (This makes is sound much more benign than it really is.)  The question is what I was doing 5 quarters  ago.  5 quarters ago I was not working but 6 quarters ago I was.  And making webmaster salary too.  They asked me to account for 2 years, all the way back to Jan 2008.  It’s entirely possible that I might get to claim unemployment on webmaster wages.  I might have to go before a panel to do it but I bet this can work out.

Goddess of Abundance, please bring me generous unemployment until the right job with the right people, the right skills, the right pay, the right benefits, the right vacation, the right location, the right hours, comes along.


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