Castles and Noble Thoughts

My nephew turns 8 this month. The secret treasure box was such a hit that I decided to do more word burning.  I found the cutest little castle birdhouse at Michaels and knew that was it.

Because of the fire cleanup and restoration and moving etc I had the energy to get out and buy the piece but not actually work on it.  I’m glad I waited because yesterday I had the idea to put French bon mot around the crenellated balcony.

I used the SAMAN stains that Sarah of Forest Grove recommended and I’m just tickled.  It was worth every penny.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  Not only was it a dream to work with at full strength but also diluted at 50%.  It did what they said it would do, it didn’t streak, clean up was a breeze and there was very little bleeding when I put the first coat of mod podge varnish on it.  I finally got some linseed oil to mix with my beeswax, also recommended by Sarah, so that I won’t have to use the chemical varnishes.  Since this is non magical work and a toy for an 8 year old boy I’m not going to sweat the small stuff.  Thank you Sarah for being such an inspiration.

C’est la seule vertu qui donne la noblesse ~ Virtue alone confers nobility 

A coeur vaillant rien impossible ~ To a valiant heart nothing is impossible

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