My brother and sisinlaw have been yammering for some photos of the basement renovation. I’m not all settled in, that doesn’t happen until the art is on the walls, the stuff that needs to be stored actually is, and things are tidy. Bags surrounding a table, stuff strewn on the floor, and no art mean I’m still living in disarray.

But I want to move on so I’m going to post the photos of how things were Sunday and be done with it.  Pardon the disarray but you get the idea. The last three photos are reminders of what it looked like.  It wasn’t just bad because of the fire. 

Please note that Miss Mitty is sleeping on the bed.  She hasn’t hid under the bed since we moved the furniture in.  Once when I was pounding particularly loud, she did go underground but came right back out when I was done.  This speaks to me the most about how important this move was.  She reflects my feelings very well.  We are very alike.  Finally we feel safe and in a place that is our own.  Her demeanor has changed significantly since having her teeth worked on and even more so now that we’re mostly settled.  She’s is the old Mitty and boy did I miss her.  Yay!

I would also like to point out one of the unforseen furniture arrangements that I’m pretty tickled over.  Across from my altar is the tall dark bookcase with books and supplies (not all of either by a long shot) and in between them is a large round table.  I had thought I would leave that space open and store the table but I see that now as a Homer Simpson moment.  I am in squee heaven over having a large round ritual and working table.  Couldn’t have made this more workable if I’d tried.

2 thoughts on “Space

  1. yay it looks like it is coming along nicely and seems to me to have be very comfortable ..noms.. *beams*..

    also your bookshelf with books and herbs reminds me of my bookshelf and herb cupboard.. *glee!*

  2. It looks so good! It looks like home already. You’re a lot like me, lol, organized but it still looks like someone actually lives there and uses the space! Mmm craft room…

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