The Waiting Is Over

I am officially employed. In my field.  For the employer that was my second pick. I’m still in the running for the employer that is my first pick.  We shall see how it all settles out but either way, I am employed and this time is the charm.  Absolutely.

Happy New Year to me!!!!


5 thoughts on “The Waiting Is Over

  1. Yes – happy new year to you! And to me!

    I actually started a new job on probation while waiting for a reply from my current employers. When they finally got back to me, I accepted and have been with them for over 9 years now.
    As you know, some of the best deals in this life require a bit of waiting, and possibly mucking about on the sidelines as well. 🙂

    Terri in Joburg

  2. hahahahahaaha. Mucking about indeed.

    Good to know. I had a chat with a headhunter I know a few weeks back and asked her how the industry reacts to a person accepting a job and then breaking that right away for another better position.

    She said that while it wasn’t encouraged, in times like this especially, a person really has to take care of themselves first. That I must make the best decision for me, not the employer.

    So glad to know that your situation worked out so favorably!

    Mucking about. HAR!

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