The Honey Years part deux

Wow, the abundance is flowing. Sold the fox fur hat today out of the blue to someone who just happened upon my Stitch Witch Cottage website and wrote to see if I had anything for sale. I thought for sure the price would scare her off but she paid within the hour.  I’m going to miss that hat but I never wear it and she latched on to the part about honoring the fox who gave it’s life for the collar I got at the thrift store so I know it’s going to the right place.

Got a huge bonus at work for doubling my expected launches for February (we all got bonuses for kicking some serious butt at work last month). I launched 7 websites from start to finish in 3 weeks. They asked for 4.  I was told today that I will never lose my job there, that I would have to kill someone to be fired.  I need to get 12 in March and from there on out it’s 15.  They cut me slack for being new.  15 is doable if they have the clients for me.

I want to personally thank you for the great job you did this month. I am really impressed with how quickly you have come up to speed and the contributions you are making to the company. You always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face, and I really appreciate that. Keep up the great work.

I received that in my inbox yesterday from our Chief Operations Officer. A far cry from being fired and told I have a bad attitude, am incompetent, and lied on resume, huh? It wasn’t me but I did learn a lot about myself this past year, I have renewed my joyous self, I love what I do and who I do it for so that all helps. When your boss is crazy AND mean it’s hard to bring the smiles to the job.

My mom keeps saying nice things to me and every morning there is bacon or sausage to take with me on my walk to the bus to compliment my yogurt smoothies. My mom shows love with food and hey, I’m loving the bacon. I’m paying them back now and that helps a lot.

Mr. Furnace wants me to stop spending money. He’s right. But man, it just feels so good to finally have it again and have some freedom. He’s an ant, I’m a grasshopper.  I still have some work to do on my personal growth so no worries, I’ll be around working on stuff for some time to come.

3 thoughts on “The Honey Years part deux

  1. gosh that all sounds awsometastic.. yay *skips about all excited like*..

    i got made redundant today, which is not as bad as it sounds, they handled it badly and it was a pretty shit err unhealthy place to work. so Monday i will be sorting out my desk getting my official letter, signing up for temp work, Tuesday i have a job interview, and on Wednesday i will be trolling the internet for a more jobs to apply for, and helping one of the websites that have been set up for information sharing about the Christchurch earthquake by finding relevant info about what is happening etc etc.. oh and i didn’t yell at anyone or throw any of the files out the window.. so i get extra points right? gosh.. its all with the busy.. err. .yeah.. it will be all good..

    still its nice to come home and see your update.. it made me all with the happy and yay and look you got an awsome job i can do that to.. *skips*..


  2. That has to be an awesome feeling, being seen , heard and appreciated for what you contribute, not only to the job, but to the ATMOSPHERE!
    Thats a boost we all can feel good about!

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