Never even saw it coming. Knew something was going on but not THIS. Getting through the days.  Utter Betrayal and Lies. Thank Goddess my job is so busy I can keep breathing a bit.  But not sleeping much and eating comes and goes.  Trying to let go and move on.

5 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. hard to tell how things are with you, wondering if it is more of what we spoke about earlier this week, just sending love and light your way figure it will help with whatever.

  2. Sounds like things were worse than you’d thought. I’ve been there and it’s crushing. Anger helps, but when it fades it’s easier to let go and move on. Tea and hugs… and Hekate if it’s that bad.

  3. Love you all. No details here, I’m playing things close to vest until more is revealed. Things are in limbo during October. We have separated and are parsing and seeing how the flow of things flows or stops. Only emergency contact. I actually had a really great reading from my High Priestess last night. There is hope.

    I’m okay, sure there are bad moments, but I have a lot of good things going on at the same time. Can you imagine if I had no job??? I’d be INSANE right now.

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