Drip Drip Drip

Man, we got snowed in.  Hard to believe but it’s true. We got a whopping 8″ here and then .33″ of freezing rain, a sheet of solid, and I do mean solid, ice on everything.  Which might not be a big deal if you are a flatlander but Seattle is nothing but hills. And I do mean HILLS.  Treacherous.

Snow Fort

Bad phone photo before daylight, snow fort on the trudge to the bus. Had to turn around, the bus never came. I know, the street looks clear but this is on the level. To get to it the bus must navigate a very steep hill.

When the buses in downtown Seattle are stacked up and slipping and sliding and bending in two (they are, after all, articulated) because there is too much snow, you know we had a good one.

I’ve been working from home all but Tuesday this week which was between snow storms. Can you say Cabin Fever boys n’ girls? gah!  Finally got out to the store today plus a meeting. I’m sober and not at any imminent risk of relapse but I can sure get cranky pants when I get too much time between meetings.  Torture. For me and others I’m sure.

Now the grand thaw begins.  This can be worse than the snow as we get large areas of flooding in those valleys.  The side streets are tracks to bare pavement with humps, very tall humps, that scrape the undercarriage of your car as you navigate. The chains have completely torn up good streets with occassional series of severe potholes.

I got my meeting and the steady rain combined with the thaw, the drip drip drip will accompany me to sleep tonight.  Tomorrow I see my guy, Mr. Furnace, for gourmet tacos (we are taco afficianados) and then a roaring fire and some much needed cuddles since the snow has kept us apart.  Which isn’t the worst thing.  Absense DOES make the heart grow fonder when you’re kind of mooney over someone. Yeah, we are drips drips drips and I love every minute of it.

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