Circle of Life Tarot ~ Contest

I was recently going through my tarot decks and culling. I have a lot of tarot/oracle decks. I don’t do much divination, I really have these as artistic inspiration. I have decided to part with the Circle of Life Tarot (there are more coming over the following weeks) and thought the best way would be have a poll here and then pick a winner.

This deck has been opened and I did look at every card but I have not used the deck or imprinted with it.

Circle of Life tarot by Maria Distefano

After completing the poll below, post a comment to this post and I will do a random drawing on Saturday Feb 3rd at 6pm for the winner. I will announce the winner that day.

4 thoughts on “Circle of Life Tarot ~ Contest

  1. Came by your blog looking for images of The Circle of Life Tarot, which is AWESOME….
    AND…Your work is superb – SO much fun – bookmarked !..
    Blessèd be, Pamylle

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