The Life of Cyn’s Hair

It occurred to me that this might be a fun thing to do. To put up an album of my hair over the years. Some of the wackiest styles never had photos taken simply because it was before digital, before cameras on phones, we simply didn’t always have a camera available. And in the punk days especially we were too wasted to remember a camera. Tis true. There has been pink and purple and red and orange, short, long, straight, curly, but only at birth and now have I done mohawk or bald.

This montage of photos of me and my experiments with hair is simply my way of bringing fun to a very difficult phase of my life. This is about a journey, one that I am trying to find humor and joy in.

I am not interested in discussing whether or not I am beautiful or the state of my self esteem. Please don’t comment in that way if you can help it.  Cracks about my 80’s glasses are welcome.  I am not bucking for compliments and I’m not interested if you think that my being incredibly sad over my lack of ANY HAIR ON MY ENTIRE BODY is about poor self esteem.  That happened to me 2 weeks ago and I’m still in a fighting mood over it. My journey is beautiful and that is that.

Please enjoy the journey of Cyn’s hair. I’m still trying to find my first ever baby photo where I had a very distinct mohawk.  Mohawks rule…

9 thoughts on “The Life of Cyn’s Hair

  1. ohh..i think i had those 80’s glasses.. *sniggers* and similar styles of hair, i did rock a mowhawk when i was at uni for a while, it scared teh boys but the girls loved it.. *grins*

    also the guy in photo 7, i when out with his doppelgänger here in NZ for some years.. *bwahahah*.. *coughs*..

    will upload a photo of me with a mowhawk of fb for you.. *Grins*

  2. Kudos for sharing this great collection with us! The 80’s glasses ARE HUGE!!! WOW!!! I can relate to the baby photo with a Mowhawk; I was pretty much bald till age one so they would GLUE bows to my head. Wow.

    You are awesome. And I love you.

  3. what an amazing journey your hair has taken over the years; I have never been brave enough to post images of my younger self, but then you are one of my heros as far as being stalwart! Who knows what amazing hair-dos you will come up with in the future…

  4. Oh, Cynthia this is such a neat post. Those 80s glasses are striking 🙂 One thing’s for sure: you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. Always have been and always will be! Can’t wait to see you again.

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