One of my favorite pyrographers, Hug The Tree Pyrography, has a very distinct style of burning wood.  She uses techniques that are used by many but it’s the way she uses them that inspires me. That, and the fact that she does it on so many tiny pieces. When you look at her gallery, remember some of those pieces are 1″ tall or not much more.

My style has been very “stained glass” to me.  I take a sharp blade tip and burn in all the main lines.  It leaves a deep burn and while I like that style, I like this softer version too. Using a softer, rounded, tip and a lower heat setting, I’m able to sneak up on the lines with the burn and therefore have no hard deep lines but a softness.  So inspiring to me. I’ve got some other ideas and designs rolling around in my head that I hope will continue to challenge my burning skills.

HTTPyro and I have some similarities in our styles.  We both seem to like pagan or nature based themes, dots, spirals, and the night sky. It’s been challenging to try her techniques and yet stick to my style. I’m dying to fill the background with stars and dots like she does but I don’t want to plagiarize.

I’ve had three very good days this week, very low on the side effects and that means I’ve felt in my own mind and body for a couple days.  Love it!  I have the last round of the really icky chemo tomorrow and then a short break (maybe an extra week or two?) before starting the second series of chemo rounds. There are more of them,12 compared to 4, but they are weekly and I understand this new round of drugs is tolerated by almost everyone so I am hopeful that this time next month the worst will be over.  I can handle fatigue, I’ve dealt with that for years with my fibromyalgia, and while the fatigue with cancer treatment is more intense, it’s still familiar and I know how to power through it and when to rest.

The fundraiser goes live tonight, I have a lot to do today to get everything online.  I’ll let you know as soon as its good to go. While I do hope that I’ll be busy with shipping, I’m looking forward to getting back to playing with the tree of life embroidery and some other things.  Deadlines aren’t my best friend right now.

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