Thinking of you all. Plodding slowly as much change is happening to me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I hope to start more regular postings soon as some things are becoming clear enough to talk about.

Love and soon come Litha blessings. I hope to go to the local public Litha circle. I meed a good old fire festival, some sun, some protected wildlands, and some like minded pagans to yammer with…

4 thoughts on “Litha

  1. hooray!! also i am finding that big changes are afoot so to speak, i reccon in both hemispheres.. someone on a blog talked about the changes err understandings, spiritualy and personally speaking that happen over a long time, and more often than not it is subtle and can be difficutl to pinpoint but you know that it is happening.. (actually was that you that said that??) anyway these slow long change are very very deep, and very very slow, in comparison to warp speed that we have been lead to believe..

    and Teo Bishop from Bishop in the Grove said that he was leaving ADF, and from his post i came to thinking about the humanity, the human aspect in all of this, for while it is all good to do rituals rites and divisional, i am beginning to ponder if it is also about how we live our lives, rather than getting trapped in the ‘romanticism’ that is magical, it is when we have tried to do the right thing that our deepest lessons and understandings, happen and our strongest connection with the divine.. or something like that *waves hands about*

    i am still trying to work out my thoughts about it all.. its different, different.. one of those thoughts i can see out of the corner of my eye,,, but can’t see it clearly yet..

    **ponders things*

    thanks for letting me leave some here.. *grins*

  2. Saw a birthday notice show up in my feed and wondered what was up with you. I was sorrowed to see that you have such a challenge set in front of you, but I am impressed as ever with your profound spiritual strength and art. You’re in my prayers for healing and the very best of all things.

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