Just an update as I see it’s been awhile.

  1. Chemo ends on July 25th and then I get a three week rest so I can get ready for 7 weeks of radiation
  2. Nothing tastes good besides grapes and cereal this week.  Even my beloved mashed potatoes don’t taste good. I’ve finally started to loose weight, 5 pounds according to my scale. I was working on losing 20 when diagnosed so weight loss was put on hold to get me through chemo.  Not recommended but not worrisome since I am almost done and do have the spare weight just in case.
  3. Mr. Furnace is between apartments and he and his delightful cat are sharing my space for a few weeks.  It’s interesting to see how we function with daily full contact.
  4. Mom and I continue working on getting the house downsized for sale.  Yard Sale is September 7th
  5. I’m not making much of anything these days, just VERY slowly plodding through the unfinished projects bin.
  6. Have started a circle with a friend of mine. We are currently creating our circle format and plan on starting full speed at Yule. I’m very excited about this and it keeps me going right now.  It is my main focus outside of health.
  7. FUNDRAISER on Saturday August 3rd.  If you are in the Seattle area, come down and join the fun!

Things I’m Considering for the Future

  1. Shutting down the Etsy Shop for time being
  2. Shutting down Medieval Tailor.  Some bitch stole half my pages and some from other sites too and is presenting it as her own work. She even used my quatrefoil/burgundy/gold design. She changed the quatrefoil to a fleur de lis but god, not an original bone in her body. Hate. Her. Just not worth the trouble to me any more. Update: I’ve made some progress, wish me luck, she’s ruining my SEO. You don’t want two identical site pages competing with each other for SEO ranking)
  3. Shutting Down Stitch Witch Cottage

I’m sure I’ll feel differently about many things once I start recovering from the radiation phase of treatment but right now I simply can’t face one more thing.  I think of you daily with much fondness so we shall see.


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