Serenity Corner

Ok, did that title make you gag almost as much as it did me? But, I have a cunning plan…


So by the time I moved into my new home, I was sick, utterly exhausted, missing my mom, lonely and yet incapable of interaction, and having a, not really a crisis of faith, but a definite transition. I was a mess and am only now feeling like I’m finding some foundation.

So I haven’t set up an altar, because I hadn’t yet heard what was needed. I do still do daily devotions and candles and incense but in a mild way. A week or so ago I saw this cool bed table that folded and had a pop up reading stand, a drawer, and a part that stayed flat even when the reading thing was in use and it got me thinking. The quality wasn’t excellent and it was $50.

After much thought about the best course of action and purchase and frugality, of course, my psychic shopper kicked in and said, Craigslist. The 5th item, a favorite number, was this gorgeous and large red Pottery Barn, all wood, table. The owner, an artsy, interesting and very nice (she hugged me and so did her friend as she didn’t really want to part with it and she was delighted I got it) woman my age, had painted it red and decoupaged a bicycle map of Paris on the top with a bunch of old envelopes with cool stamps and places, all in fountain pen ink. I knew it was mine, we sent about 20 emails and after treatment I went to give her money to hold it (she had received a lot of interest on this item). She was sure I’d never get it in the car if I didn’t bring at least one man. I was determined to manifest it today and not make a second trip. Et voila! She had a tiny friend over helping her move and the two of us got it in my back seat and Casey and I got it in the house. Solid piece and that’s no lie.

She and I sat on the floor and both of us lovingly rubbed our hands over it as she told me the story of how it got to be like that and how many fun times she and her kids made stuff at that table. It’s perfectly distressed.

One drawer was full of candles, it smells like cinnamon, a spice of love, and under all the candles was a big glitter heart. So mine… And yet still hers.

Tomorrow is going to be about taking all my spiritual accoutrement, tools, and goodies out of storage and hiding and seeing what still serves and what goes. I’m so excited. This faces North, my favorite direction. Of course I love north, I’m all water and fire signs, need grounding.

And the three small shelves that have had no home will get installed on the wall on the right. Perfect!! Got the Ryobi battery charging.

I plan on using it for daily devotions, meditation, and journaling. I need something cozy to sit on and have a few ideas.

Any way, yay! $75 and I feel lucky to have it. And I’ll be giving some things away too… wink nudge

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