Surprise surprise surprise!! I’m still alive!

Autumn Blessings to you!


I’m back. It’s been almost 2 years since I moved into my new apartment. (see post below) It’s looking great, I love my place. The maple outside is changing colors. I have a new, honest, proactive, landlord. I am in a new, fantastic, loving, honest, romantic relationship. I have a new job for a local school district as their webmaster that validates me without working me to death to earn a living wage. No more entitled, rude, customers, no more flaky boss just a small group of really nice people where the atmosphere is laid back but busy and your humanity is honored even if corrected.

I’m still struggling with fatigue and PTSD and there is a medication I need to take for 5 more years that has a few side effects I don’t like, mainly bone and muscle pain which is random as far as when and which. Pain pain pain and fatigue fatigue fatigue. But also love love love and life life life.

So much has changed in my life. I’m very blessed to even have this life. I try to remember that every day because there are some days when the PTSD really raises it’s ugly head and I find myself in a bit of trouble but my coping mechanism now, after trying other things, is to call my BF or my BFF.

I’ve not got the energy to decorate the house this year for either Samhain or Yule*** as I travel a great distance to work (not doable by public transit in any way) and so am putting in an 11 hour day by the time I get home. That doesn’t include the gym and shopping and cooking and cleaning and date nights. Doesn’t even include my friends. I’m exhausted. I don’t know how often I’ll post but I am starting to create again. I’m updating Medieval Tailor which lost a lot of pages in its migration as I was sidetracked when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2012. So that’s getting completed finally. I’m letting all my private customers go and have one last site to migrate.

I’ll keep this site a mixture of my personal musings and my artwork. I’m changing my art studio into a studio/guest room. Why?? One other thing that is new is that I’m a mother, a mother in law, and a grandmother. All it took was one email. In 1981, even though I was married, I gave my beloved son up for adoption. I knew I’d be divorcing his father and that I had nothing to offer him in the form of a quality life. I wanted him to have everything I had. I knew I’d never make it as a single mom and that his life wouldn’t be anything but one challenge after another. I’m adopted and felt good about that experience so felt very comfortable if not incredibly sad as hell making this decision. He wrote me this spring and we’re re-inventing family. They raised him right. He’s a gem. A quality man. A son to be proud of. There are so many details I’ll not share but I’m happy. My brother and nephew are arriving today from France where they live and this Saturday I’m hosting a huge dinner so that everyone gets to meet everyone. Uncles, cousins, great-grandmother (my mom is still alive but we lost dad in July 2014). It’s so awesome. And who knew that HATING PEAS was genetic????

So I feel like I’m starting from scratch. It’s going to take a while for me to get my stats back up to 30 readers (Bahahahaha) but I’ll keep working on it.

***I lied. I’m going to decorate damn it. I got KIDS coming to my house. MY KIDS. OMG. Tonight and tomorrow I decorate.

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