Too Much To Do?

Get cancer and suddenly those things you thought you couldn’t get to or didn’t want to get to, well, over 2 years they suddenly have changed or disappeared. Or they are sitting there waiting for you. Some of these will be exciting to you, others probably not.

It’s a great opportunity to get some original art and help out a friend at the same time.


  • The Medieval Tailor is up and running!! I did not end it after all. I do have a few more demos that still need to be added but I’m getting there. I’m still getting between 2500-3000 hits a month there. Even from Africa. Who knew. The shoe demo is live now so go make some cool shoes and send me pictures!


  • The Etsy shop is empty and right now I’m in the middle of a fundraiser to help me get the funds to cover my mastectomy scars with tattoos. Just in case you didn’t notice that above. Don’t know what I want for a design but I will finish my half done arm design on Veteran’s Day (hey, I’m sort of a veteran, had my own personal war) and I’m making a few items as inspiration to donate.  Check it out here. You can donate and if the donation is of a certain amount you will get a piece of art from me.  Once this is done, I’m going to start working on greeting cards and prints for Yule, Samhain, and Beltaine or just whimsy. I’m hoping to have more energy after the end of April when the deadline for the fundraiser pieces is done. This way more folks can have pieces of my work without paying the high ticket prices.
  • A friend has been making witchy dolls (which have been on my Oooh Wouldn’t That Be Fun List for a long time). They are adorable and she’s inspiring me like crazy. I have my own designs and ideas although hers are adorable. You can check out her shop here, Polly Lind Artist. No dolls at the moment but her wall hangings are pretty darned cool too. That said, I want to make my own dolls, probably smaller and with no props but that’s in the creative cauldron bubbling away until all is ready.
  • The woman who stole my Medieval Tailor website and presented it as her own got her site taken down by the administrators and all is well there!  I don’t have to hate her or anyone else any more. Cancer stops that stupid shit right in its tracks. You get very real and simplify the things that matter. Checked off the list.
  • I’m eating far more of certain foods than I should and have put on 13 pounds since treatment ended almost 2 years ago.  So back on low carb for me. For every 20 pounds of extra weight you increase your chance of recurrence and since there is no “5 years, oh goodie my cancer won’t come back” with breast cancer, this matters. Now on the list.
  • The gym is hard because I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet (also my fingertips) and so walking, jumping are out, have to be VERY careful on the rowing machine, but the stationary bike works ok. I must find a way to dedicate myself to this. I’m so frikking tired and in pain most days it’s very hard to do but again, this matters. Also now on the list.
  • I wasn’t going to decorate for Halloween but the photos below in an earlier post inspired me and since I’m having a once in a lifetime shindig this weekend it will be nice to have the place looking festive. We have many fond memories of Halloween since my nephew joined this world. He’s too old to trick or treat this year but I’m going for the decor. This shindig really is once in a lifetime. Bro and nephew haven’t been here for 4.5 years and it’s likely that in another 4 years Mom will no longer be with us (sobsniffohgodnotmymom!!!) and she can’t travel to France. So getting my son and his family, my bro and his family, mom, Casey and his daughter all together at once, well, this is a big deal. I’m making my famous chili. Now on the list.


  • No longer doing circles, I dream of the day I have energy to do formal solitary work again. I do informal work all the time. I really want to get this back in my life big time. This WILL HAPPEN. SMIB.

What are you working on? Do you have any holiday plans? Are you making anything for presents? Baking? Raking Leaves?  What does Autumn mean to you?

Falling Leaves Blessings!

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