It’s Your Turn To Talk

So tell me. I’m starting to ponder the illustrations, tools, and pouches I’ll start making after April (yes, this process can start much sooner than you think!).

If I could do a poll here (can I?) I’d love to know some things from you but I’m not paying for PollDaddy yet.  I won’t share with you the images that that left in my mind…

1. What motifs would be most meaningful to you? Images of ritual acts? Ritual tools? Deity? Symbolism? Talk to me…

2. Are you interested in low ticket items like greetings cards and prints? or much more high ticket items like one of a kind wooden boxes, wands, runes, embroidered tarot bags? What would be a middle ticket item to you? What is a too high price for something as special as a OOAK tarot bag?

3. Do you usually only give presents at Yule or do you want things available all year long?

4. Which are the holidays that you would be most likely to give cards besides the obvious Yule? Would you like a full set for sending or for framing and placing on your wall or altar?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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