Warm winter greetings and welcome back to the Sun

Joyous Holy Days (aren’t they all really?) To ALL my friends and supporters, on or off Facebook. My love to you and hearty, warm wishes for a prosperous, equal, loving, joyful, justice filled New Year.

Big plans coming for 2017. I’ll be re-opening the blog in the next week or so. I’ve begun working on designing, creating, and plotting inventory for the re-opening of the Etsy shop. That will happen after I return from spending Halloween and Samhain in Salem, MA experiencing several historic places and visiting with friends I’ve not seen in decades and one I’ve yet to meet in person after over 20 years. I won’t be taking commissions but I do hope to have a variety of witchy and non-witchy offerings in many price ranges that will appeal to all my supporters and bring some of it into the everyone can have an Cynthia Long piece.






See you soon!

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