Wayne and Garth, in one door installer body, are really enjoying their day as my final renovation step completes, bedroom closet doors. Finally doors. This is so first world. Ooooh my dooooohhrrrrs. Wayne and Garth singing and whistling and dancing through his job. Syria in my facebook feed.



fast train
Lonely days are gone
Imma going home
My baby, she wrote me a letter


Loving and hugging each oootttherrrrrrrrr

Every daaaaayayyyyy

dadadadum, mumbleharmoniously
mmmmmm love another squeezing another
He’s tearing you apart
Its your turn to cry

Should I join in?

Awesome dude! Sang some Nananananana

Journey made his wife cry when they saw them last.

There’s probably 30 years between us but if you just listen you will find something in common with every human on the planet. Darn it. Means you gotta like them if only just a little.

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