Off and Running, Peacefully, With Love. Yes. I Know.

I’ve never witnessed the future to be so unknown and so in need of “shields up.” I don’t know what 2017 will look like for the nation or the world. Some of it’s going to be heart wrenchingly bad, red vision Cuchulain madness, but I feel that there is also going to be amazing goodness and creativity and love outpouring in response. We didn’t learn with Bush so now we need a sterner lesson. It’s gonna smart people, like a good bandaid ripping. Owiezowie. But here’s the good news.


The answer to every single event is love. I believe that with all my heart. Does that mean we shouldn’t march, write letters, picket, fail to participate? No. You know the answer.


We’ve got to bite the leather strap and hang on and LOVE when it’s the last thing we want to do. When you write Trump or your Congress person, remember as you write it that you’re doing it for your love of the people who suffer under their regime. Remember that those *cough*assholes*cough* have someone on this planet who loves them for one reason or another. Hard to believe I know but it’s true.


If we give in to them, to their hatred, if we respond in kind or let them bring us to despair, they win.

To paraphrase, in her first novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, Starhawk’s heroes say to the people who want to end them, kill them, over water and resistance…

“There is a place at the table for you, please join us.”

Some of the soldiers just broke down and started crying. Some shot some people. But the people kept following the soldiers, all dressed in white saying in peace, “there is a place at the table for you, please join us.”

Standing Rock did that. They know the secret. We must learn it and learn it fast and practice, practice, practice.

Feeling all reflective on this cozy winter night as the sun gains strength and the new year holds promise. Promises of what I don’t know, but I’m not letting these fuckers get me down. Because this hasn’t my strong suit when dealing with oligarchs and fools. I either fight them or have an anxiety attack.

I’m going to play this year and the next three if necessary. It’s create or die


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