Blah blah blah

Tis a long story and I not only am way too busy but also just too tired of it all to write it out anywhere I don’t have to. Suffice it to say that Boss repeated his inappropriate behavior and has been officially reported. Now the hard work begins.

Action Items

  • Classes for both of us on communication. While I’m sure I could always use help here, he believes I am soley to blame and denies any problems. They don’t believe him because of his behavior with his boss and her left hand of god administrator. He has to go to the classes anyway.
  • I have requested a facilitation meeting with a third party to help us see each other’s viewpoint as I do not wish to meet alone with him at this time. I want action items. I want to show that I am totally willing, keep my side as clean as possible, and give him all the rope he needs when he fails to see his part and gets himself fired. (I was told he either gets willing and makes some serious changes or we change it for us. so to speak. Basically, if he doesn’t get it hasta manana baby) It rarely goes well. I have writen up the invitaion addressed to him to meet with said third party of his choice, it has been sent.
  • I must write up a calendar of university courses that will bring my web skills further into the 21st century and the department will send me.
  • I must have ready at the facilitated meeting
    • a narrative of how I saw the events in question
    • goals for our progress
    • my training calendar (for both personal and professional growth)

I will be documented to the teeth. It is not his forte says LHOG. Suffice it to say, I saved his bacon in a meeting on Thursday when I should have let him fall flat on his face (LHOG’s words not mine). Since I saved him, he is convinced that I ruined everything and can’t see how he screwed the pooch. If I had not saved him he would have had to explain to the client why the wish list boss asked for can never be given. I should have let him squirm but I tried to help the client and made life very difficult for myself.

*sigh* Rat Bastard scum sucking shithead poor guy who is so afraid of everything that he is impossible to work with.

He has been told that under no circumstances has he shown in any way that I deserve to be fired.

I hope to mop the floor with him with my documentation and my willingness to be wrong, to apologize, and to change. I hope that we can find happy resolution and that I don’t have to quit. I get the feeling that LHOG is on my side and while we hope that we get positive results out of all I’m doing, I get the distinct impression that I have Machiavelli on my side and that Boss isn’t well liked in that LHOG office.

2 thoughts on “Blah blah blah

  1. The picture says it all. It never pays to cross the LHOG and it does sound as if she sees things from your perspective. I hope it turns out well for you.

    Thanks! Me too. And that picture was so awesome, I just had to keep it. *laugh*

  2. ugh. I had NO idea you were working under these sorts of conditions…or, should I say, this sort of individual. 😦 It sounds like you’ve got your act totally together. Sending you lots of love today!

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